The field of international criminal law consists of the exception where German nationals are accused of having committed a crime abroad. This may result in direct arrest abroad or subsequent arrest in Germany on the basis of an international arrest warrant.

Such a situation is particularly scary for most clients because often the language, culture and legal system of the foreign state are unknown. Therefore, the primary objective of the defence must be to ensure that the criminal charges
are clarified in Germany.

This is all the more true as the offences may have been committed abroad. If this goal cannot be achieved, we will organize the defence abroad.

In doing so, we ensure competent defence through qualified foreign colleagues and actively support the process at site.

This is possible above all because many foreign states have followed the German criminal law system and adopted numerous fundamentals from it. In addition, we also take on the defence of foreign nationals who are to be arrested in Germany and extradited to another country.

Here we represent the persons concerned in extradition proceedings and if necessary provide for a competent defence lawyer in the country which operates the extradition procedure.