Criminal defence – is the fight

The role of the lawyer in criminal proceedings is to protect his client from the prosecutor’s duty to prosecute and recognize his interests unconditionally.

In criminal proceedings, as in no other area of life, does the citizen experience the power of the state to interfere with the freedom and property of the person concerned.

Therefore, the defence lawyer must protect his client, who is innocent until the end of the procedure according to art. 6 para. 2 of the convention on human rights, from this infringement and develop a defence strategy with him.

The course for a successful criminal prosecution Duties is often made at the beginning of the trial.

Therefore, it is recommended to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Before commissioning us, you can first get informed about the possible costs and then make your decision.

We defend you in all areas of classical criminal law: from homicide and personal injury offences against the narcotics criminal law right through to ownership and property offences.